Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Blockchain, ERC20 , Smart Contracts, ICO, Lightening Network. Whenever dealing with disruptive technology, new concepts are born every day. Our mission is to keep track, analyze, test, understand them and use them in a most efficient way.


Distributed Ledger Technology

We specialize in DLT and Blockchain Services. From technical development of fundraising projects to full-fledged decentralized applications (dApps). We stay on the cutting edge of each service we offer. Being a part of that change is what fuels us every day.

Decentralized application development

Also known as dApp, these applications are based on blockchain smart contracts. Without the need to rely on central servers, they’re more reliable than traditional applications. From money management to voting, decentralized applications create openness, transparency, and direct connections between your application and customers.


Smart contract development

All the benefits of a smart contract can fall apart if they're not implemented correctly. As they function automatically, any mistakes or flaws will themselves be carried out automatically. To prevent that, we ensure your smart contracts function properly and drive value for your business.

Consulting for Organisations

Many organisations are excited by the prospect of learning about how Blockchain will affect their business. Dar Blockchain is pleased to offer a wide range of Consulting Education services for organisations of all sizes and backgrounds.

Consulting for Individuals

We also offer one on one advice for those that need help getting started with their Blockchain projects, integration of the Distributed Ledger Technology within their web applications, or even setup an ICO campaign

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