Dar Blockchain Incubation Program

A team of experts to ensure quality and flow of the program.

2 Workshops per week, the focus of the program is on education and company growth. Industry experts give twice weekly evening workshops on business and blockchain knowledge

A wide range of mentors and coaches specifically chosen for your startup

Finalise with demo day, the program concludes with a Demo Day providing startups the opportunity to pitch their business to investors, experts and the Blockchain community

Dar Blockchain Education Program

Blockchain Technology – provides overall insight into blockchain technology and connections with the industry. It is tailored for professionals who are highly experienced individuals and possess business knowledge but would like to learn how to apply blockchain technology, as a business solution.

Business Education – this section provides business knowledge, industry connections and introduction to investors. It is tailored for blockchain or “tech savvy” individuals who have an idea for a new business concept but may lack the business know-how to establish the company beyond ideation stage. This allows access to a wide network of connections and investors to fund & mentor their project.